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We are all living longer but how can we determine if we are living well?

The Silver Santé Study comprises three clinical studies: one involving patients exhibiting subjective cognitive decline, one with expert meditators and one for members of the local population in Caen, Normandy, from where  the project is coordinated.  This area has faced one of the most rapid increases in the ageing population of all French regions – the number of seniors has risen by 40% in 20 years.

We need volunteers from Caen aged 65 and over!

Dr Gaël Chételat, our project coordinator, says: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our local older community to become involved in important research, which will ultimately help older people themselves and health professionals address the challenge of improving health outcomes for Europe’s ageing population.”

Interested?  Sign up today – in Englishen Francais


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