Data Sharing

The European MEDIT-AGEING/SILVER SANTE STUDY project, which involves 6 European countries and is funded by the European Commission (program H2020-PHC22), is based on the increasingly documented concept of a negative effect of stress on mental and physical health, particularly in the elderly. It includes two randomized clinical trials – AGE-WELL and SCD-WELL.

Following EC recommendations, all groups participating in the H2020 MEDIT-AGEING/ SILVER SANTE STUDY project have agreed a policy to share AGE-WELL and SCD-WELL trial data.

The Material can be mobilized, under the conditions and modalities defined in the Medit-Ageing Charter by any research team belonging to an Academic, for carrying out a scientific research project relating to the scientific theme of mental health and well-being in older people. The Material may also be mobilized by non-academic third parties, under conditions, in particular financial, which will be established by separate agreement between Inserm and by the said third party.

The submission schedule is available to download here:

Medit-Ageing Data Sharing flowchart

To apply for access to our data, please download and complete this form:

Data Sharing Request Form

Your request for data access must be precisely described and justified. Once completed, the form should be emailed directly to the appropriate party (designated by checking the appropriate box on the form). Please address the form to the Executive Committee of the MEDIT-AGEING/ SILVER SANTE STUDY project, who will consider the request on a case-by-case basis and respond within 60 days.

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