Silver Santé Study

Welcome to the website of the Silver Santé Study.  We are an EC-funded project investigating mental health and well-being in the ageing population.

The global population is ageing, with the number of people over 60 expected to more than double during the first half of this century – reaching two billion by 2050. As we live longer, ensuring good mental as well as physical health into later years is becoming ever more important. Identifying the determinants of a healthy old age will help safeguard quality of life and reduce the cost/care burden on health services of age-associated diseases.

Over the next five years, expert researchers in several European countries will be working with members of the public, patients and meditation experts to learn more about how we can improve mental health in later life as part of the Silver Santé Study.

To find out more about the study, explore our website and watch our 3-minute project video below.

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