European Commission grants project extension following delays due to COVID 19 pandemic

The completion of data analysis and follow-up testing with trial participants will proceed thanks to the European Commission granting a further extension to the Silver Santé project.

The project, which was due to end on December 31st 2020, applied for a second nine-month extension following delays caused by the Covid pandemic.

Project coordinator, Dr Gaël Chételat, said: “We are delighted to hear that our application for a further extension has been granted.  This additional time will enable us to complete the analysis of our data and follow-up tests of volunteers to further strengthen validation of the trial by studying whether the effects of mental training techniques persist over time”.

The Silver Santé study is the longest of its kind, investigating the mental health and well-being of Europe’s ageing population.  It is also investigating whether mental training techniques such as learning a foreign language or making lifestyle changes such as taking up mindfulness or health self-management courses, can help safeguard mental health in later life.

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