December 2017


Partners gather for annual consortium meeting in Barcelona


Silver Santé Study partners from each of the project’s work packages have come together to share progress on their work as part of the study’s annual meeting.

The conference, which took place in Barcelona in November 2017, provided an opportunity for all the study’s partners to update each other on the progress of their individual areas of research and to discuss various aspects in close detail during workshops.

Project Coordinator Dr Gaël Chételat, says: “Our annual consortium meeting provides a great opportunity for the whole consortium to get together to share progress, discuss our research and to work on specific areas in teams.

“I’m pleased to say that the project is on track and there are encouraging signs that we will have some very interesting results at the conclusion of the project in 2021.”

The Silver Santé Study is the first multi-disciplinary research project to examine the impact of mental training techniques – such as meditation and learning a language – on the brain with a view to improving the mental health and well-being of people in later life. It is also exploring the effects of certain lifestyle factors, including sleep quality, emotions, diet and physical activity, on our mental health as we age.

It is coordinated from Inserm in Caen, France, and brings together ten partners in six European countries (France, Switzerland, England, Germany, Belgium and Spain). The first results should be known in 2019.

October 2017

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June 2017

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Trial investigating benefits of mental training techniques on memory clinic patients well underway

March 2017

Four centre clinical trial launched to investigate benefits of mental training techniques on memory clinic patients

Silver Sante Study nominated for SilverEco 2017 Award

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December 2016

Hundreds volunteer to take part in Age-Well Study

Silver Santé Study partners gather for General Assembly in Bonn

Memory clinic patient trials due to begin in March 2017

September 2016

Silver Santé researchers meet with Dalai Lama

Volunteers in Caen, France, invited to local meetings

Preparations for further trials on course

June 2016

Huge turnout for 1st Public Conference

Meet our ambassadors

May 2016

Launch event

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