October 2019

Project research presented to European medical students

Medical students from all over Europe got to hear about the Silver Santé Study when Project Coordinator, Dr Gaël Chételat, presented an overview of the project at the 30th European Students’ Conference.

The event, which took place at Charité-Universitätsmedizin in Berlin from 25-28th September, saw more than 400 medical students from 40 countries gather to hear presentations on the theme of “Future Aging – Today’s Research, Tomorrow’s Medicine”.

Other guest speakers included Prof. Dr. Michael Heneka, of the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, and Professor Akiko Maeda, of the Kobe Eye Center, Japan.

Project Coordinator Dr Gaël Chételat speaking at the 2019 European Students’ Conference in Berlin.

Silver Santé Study leads the way in student communication

Postgraduate students working on the Silver Santé Study in five different countries have formed a group to enable them to learn from each other’s work.

The initiative, one of the first of its kind in European research consortia, brings together master’s, Phd and postdoctorate students  to exchange information, practice presentations, and keep each other informed across all areas of the project’s work.

Dr Gaël Chételat, Coordinator of the Silver Santé Study, says: “I’m delighted to support this initiative to help all our students flourish and gain as much knowledge and experience as possible while they are working on this project.

“It provides the ideal opportunity for our students to get to know each other, share information, and form their own peer-to-peer networks –- all of which are beneficial not only to our project but to the individual students and to the wider research community.”

The group – which is chaired by PhD student Sophie Dautricourt of the University of Caen, France, and Harriet Demnitz-King of UCL, UK – will continue to meet every two of three months until the end of the project.

Caption: Some of the postgraduate students who have formed a peer group in the Silver Santé Study.

Join us for the Brain health across the lifespan public conference – last few tickets remaining

Are you interested in hearing from some of Europe’s leading brain health experts on mental health and well-being?

Then book one of the last remaining  free tickets to our ‘Brain health across the lifespan’ public conference aimed at healthcare specialists, researchers, patient groups, professional societies and patients with an interest in brain health before registration ends on 8th October.

Jointly organised by the EU-funded Silver Santé Study and Lifebrain Project as well as the German Brain Council, the event will take place in Berlin on Wednesday 6th November and will cover topics such as promoting healthy brain ageing, styles of thinking and how they affect dementia risk, and whether video gaming affects the brain.

Experts from the Silver Santé Study, Lifebrain and the German Brain Council will discuss the latest experimental approaches and evidence from these two major European research consortia regarding the impact of socioeconomic factors, physical activity, nutrition, and mental training on cognitive function, mental health, and well-being throughout life.

These results will also be explored in light of prevention and intervention strategies for brain disorders. The conference will gather European speakers from different research areas including psychology, neurology, neuroimaging, psychiatry, genetics, epidemiology, molecular biology, and medicine. Click here to download the full conference programme.

Anyone wishing to attend the conference must register via our Eventbrite page before 8th October 2019. A maximum of 180 places are available on a first come, first served basis.

July 2019

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