Silver Santé Study Sleep experts to speak at French conference as part of International Brain Awareness Week

Silver Santé Study sleep experts will speak on 17 March at the Pôle des Formations et de Recherche en Santé (PFRS), CAEN, as part of Brain Week coordinated in France by the Society for Neuroscience.

Brain Week runs from Monday 14th to 20th March and is an international event organized in one hundred countries and more than 120 cities across France.  It aims to raise public awareness of the importance of brain research and is an opportunity for researchers to share their latest findings with the public and present the challenges in this field of research.

PhD student Pierre Champetier and Dr Géraldine Rauchs will be participating in the conference entitled ‘Sleep and brain pathologies: from the laboratory to the patient’s bed.’  The aim of the event is to review the impact of sleep disorders on the emergence of cerebral pathologies, with a specific focus on the links between sleep and Alzheimer’s disease.  There will also be a discussion on how it is possible to improve the quality of sleep to promote healthy ageing.

To find out more about this and view the full programme of events visit:

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