Open position for a PhD in Psychology/Neurosciences in Caen, France

Laboratory: Inserm U1237, PhIND, Caen, France (dir : Pr Denis Vivien), Team Multimodal
Neuroimaging and Lifestyle in Aging and Alzheimer’s disease (Dr. Gaël Chételat)

See revised offer posted on 5th October 2021

PhD Title: Assessing the influence of lifestyle factors on cognition and brain biomarkers of ageing and Alzheimer’s disease

This project will be part of the Medit-Ageing European project, led by Dr. Gaël Chételat (Caen, France). Medit-Aging includes 10 partners from 6 European Countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Spain) and aims at investigating the influence of meditation and foreign language learning on mental health and well-being in the ageing population. In that context, we included ~140 cognitively unimpaired older adults who underwent multimodal neuroimaging (structural, functional MRI, diffusion imaging, FDG- and amyloid PET), detailed behavioral evaluations (cognition, lifestyle, psychoaffective factors) and blood sampling (blood markers and genetics). All exams were done at inclusion and after an 18-month period, during which part of the participants received an intervention (either based on meditation or second language learning); a long-term follow-up of these participants is currently ongoing.

The PhD student will mainly work on the Medit-Ageing data, but might also work on other available datasets. The main objective of the PhD project will be to better understand the influence of lifestyle factors on cognition, well-being and neuroimaging. More specifically, the project will investigate the relationships between cognitive, physical, social activity and diet and measures of cognition and brain integrity (including MRI and PET). Part of this project will also focus on the effect of the interventions, with the objective of better characterizing the influence of second language learning on older adults’ brain and function.

The PhD position is already funded and should start between September 1st 2021 and December 1st 2021. This 3-year position follows standard French salaries at Inserm. The student will be a member of the Chételat lab, located in Caen, France. She/he will be in charge of data analyses (behavioral and neuroimaging) and dissemination of the results
(communications in conferences and manuscript publication). She/he will also be involved in the lab activities (which might include data acquisition, data entry, quality control etc.).

Candidate profile and requirements:

  • The candidates must have a MSc in psychology, neuropsychology, neurosciences, or related
  • field.
  • We are looking for highly motivated candidates with scientific curiosity and good teamwork
  • skills
  • Previous experience in the field of aging, Alzheimer’s Disease and/or neuroimaging would be
  • an advantage.
  • Proficiency in written and oral English is required. Speaking French would be an asset.


Please send a curriculum vitae, a letter on motivation and interests and at least 1 reference
letter (2 whenever possible).

Please send your application before August 15th to Julie Gonneaud:
For further information about the Silver Santé Study visit the project website at or watch the project’s 3-minute film at

Further info on the Chételat Lab can be found at

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