Save the date: Mental health & well-being in the ageing population

Research, Risks and Recommendations

210519 - MA News Post EU

Wednesday 16th June 2021

09:30- 16:45 CEST

08:30- 15:45 BST

The Silver Santé Study invites you to Save the Date for the project’s online public meeting on Wednesday 16th June 2021. The meeting will focus on important and timely topics highlighting the research, risks and recommendations generated by participants in the Silver Santé Study with external guest speakers. The online event will be split into five sessions:

Session 1:  COVID-19 & its potential impact on health in ageing

Session 2: Lifestyle & Psycho-affective factors associated with brain health

Session 3: Meditation & Mindfulness – perception & practice change

Session 4: Mitigating the risk of developing dementia

Session 5: Voices from the study – the experiences of participants & their teachers

Register below.

This event has now ended.

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