Neuroimaging Researcher / Engineer Opportunity in the Team “Multimodal Neuroimaging of Brain Diseases” (Dr. Gael Chételat , Inserm U1237, Caen, France)

Duration: 2 years

* Starting date: May 2021

* Research unit: Inserm U1237, Caen, France (Pr. Denis Vivien)

* Research team: Multimodal Neuroimaging of Brain Diseases (Dr. Gael Chételat)

* Salary: according to experience       

Job Description: The successful candidate will be in charge of implementing open access neuroimaging databases and of developing new (pre)processing methods for neuroimaging data.

More specifically, the candidate will have to:

  • Set open access neuroimaging databases related to aging and neurodegenerative disease (e.g., ADNI, DIAN)
  • Develop innovative processing and analyses techniques for several neuroimaging modalities (e.g., fMRI, DKI, ASL, PET imaging).
  • Create quality control procedures for different imaging modalities (e.g., structural and functional MRI, PET)
  • Guide and advise users from the lab regarding methods and results interpretation
  • Disseminate and promote results in the form of technical reports, publications or oral presentations

The candidate will participate in publications related to his activity as a co-author. He will also be entrusted with a research project for which he will have to ensure the publication(s) as first author.

The lab: The Multimodal Neuroimaging of Brain Diseases team, headed by Dr. Gael Chételat, is organized around four main areas of interest: i) improving neuroimaging biomarkers for early Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis; ii) further the understanding of the physiopathological mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease with multimodal neuroimaging, iii) investigating the relationships between lifestyle factors and brain biomarkers and iv) developing non-pharmacological interventions to promote mental health and wellbeing in ageing population. The team is currently involved in 2 large projects: Multimodality Imaging of Early-stage Alzheimer’s Disease (IMAP+) and Silver Santé Study, a European study granted by the European Commission (H2020, 2015-PHC-22) investigating the effects of two 18-month interventions (English versus mental training) on behavioral and biological markers of ageing and Alzheimer’s disease.

The team is affiliated to the Inserm U1237 (Pr. Denis Vivien) and is based at the Cyceron center, a structure that provides a stimulating work environment as it groups several research units and several research tools, such as a cyclotron, 2 PET-CT and 2 MRI. The lab is located in the beautiful city of Caen (Normandy, France) which is 2 hours by train from Paris and 1 hour by plane from Lyon (where the team has close collaborators); it is also just 10 minutes away from the beaches. The city is within driving distance of popular Normandy attractions including Bayeux and its famous tapestry, the D-Day Landing Beaches, and the picturesque Pays d’Auge, home of cider and cheese.

Requirements for applicants: Master or PhD Degree in neuroscience, engineering, or equivalent, and experience of at least 2 years in a neuroimaging research group are essential. The applicant should also have a solid background in coding, especially in Matlab and/or Python. Strong expertise with one specific neuroimaging modality (e.g., fMRI, DTI, ASL) and/or previous research experience in aging or neurodegenerative disease field are mandatory.

Questions regarding the position can be directed to Robin de Flores (

To apply: Send a CV, motivation letter and contact details of two academic referees to Robin de Flores (

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