Delays due to Covid 19 restrictions

Data analysis and planned follow-up testing of volunteers taking part in our Age Well clinical trial have been postponed due to the health and safety restrictions put in place to combat the Covid 19 pandemic.

The restrictions have prevented our researchers from gaining access to data for analysis which will, inevitably, create a delay in the release of the project’s results. Additional follow-up tests, at 21 months after the interventions, have also been delayed and it is hoped that the Wave 1 round will take place in October, restrictions permitting.

Project Coordinator, Dr Gaël Chételat, said: “Naturally, we would rather not experience delays, but the health and well-being of our volunteers and of our researchers is our top priority so the testing will only resume once it is safe to do so.

“We are enormously grateful to our volunteers for devoting their time, energy and commitment to helping us discover more about how we can safeguard mental health in later life.”

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The follow-up tests, which include neuroimaging scans, will be delayed due to Covid 19 restrictions.

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