Silver Santé Study and Lifebrain projects share expertise

Experts from the EU-funded projects Silver Santé Study and Lifebrain held a joint meeting in Berlin to share and discuss their research on brain health.

The meeting, which involved more than 70 experts, saw researchers from both projects present and discuss their work on topics ‘anxiety and depression in ageing and dementia’ and  ‘sleep’. This was followed by a group discussion on ‘the challenges of studying causal effects in brain research with the perspective of translation of results into clinical practice’.

Dr Gaël Chételat, Silver Santé Study Project Coordinator, said: “As Lifebrain is also an H2020-funded study focusing on brain health, it makes sense for us to liaise closely and to share common areas of work for the benefit of all.

“As well as holding the joint meeting with Lifebrain, we also jointly organised the public conference on ‘Brain health across the lifespan’ and we will continue to liaise regularly with the team.”

The joint meeting was followed by the successful public conference ‘Brain health across the lifespan’ as well as the Silver Santé Study’s annual consortium meeting, at which all project partners reported on progress to date and plans for the fifth year of the project.

The consortia of the EU-funded Silver Santé Study and Lifebrain projects following their joint meeting in Berlin in November 2019.

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