Public and professionals gather for Berlin brain health conference

People from all over Europe gathered in Berlin on November 30th to hear leading European brain health experts discuss the latest scientific evidence on mental health.

The ‘Brain health across the lifespan’ public conference – which was jointly organised by the Silver Santé Study, Lifebrain and the German Brain Council – brought together more than 200 people from as far afield as the Republic of Ireland, France and Switzerland to hear presentations and discussions on a range of brain health topics.

These included the impact of video gaming on the brain, whether styles of thinking can affect dementia risk, how lifestyles shape the brain in health ageing and disease, and the impact of meditation-based interventions.

Dr Gaël Chételat, Silver Santé Study Project Coordinator, and keynote speaker at the conference, said: “This was a rare opportunity for patients, health NGOs, health professionals and researchers to hear about the latest scientific evidence on mental health directly from some of Europe’s leading experts.

“It was a fantastic event which included lots of interesting questions and discussion on a variety of topical points – from video gaming to personalised brain health – and we’ve had excellent feedback from those who attended.”

Speakers at the one-day conference included Silver Santé Study senior researchers, Dr Antoine Lutz, of Inserm, and Dr Natalie Marchant of UCL, as well as Lifebrain researchers such as Professor Ulman Lindenberger of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Professor Lars Nyberg of Umeå University, Sweden.

Professor Ulman Lindenberger of MPI welcomes audience to Brain Health Across the Lifespan public conference at Harnack House, Berlin.

The Silver Santé Study had three speakers at the conference, pictured left to right, Dr Antoine Lutz, of Inserm, Dr Gaël Chételat (Project Coordinator), of Inserm, and Dr Natalie Marchant, of UCL.

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