SCD Well clinical trial team prepares to analyse data

Experts working on one of the Study’s two clinical trials – SCD Well – are preparing to analyse the data with a view to releasing the results in 2019.

The trial, led by Dr Natalie Marchant of University College London (UCL), is investigating the impact of mental training techniques on the mental health and well-being of patients with subjective cognitive decline (SCD) recruited from memory clinics in France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

Across the four centres, 147 patients were randomly assigned to short term intervention groups, such as health education or mindfulness programme.  Behavioural measures have been monitored to see how much of a difference can be made to participants’ well-being due to the intervention.

The methodologists and statisticians are now preparing to analyse the data in order to answer our primary research question: does participation in mindfulness training and/or a health education course reduce symptoms of anxiety?  The scientific team is in the final stages of checking the remaining data to ensure consistency across all sites.

Above: An SCD Well volunteer has a blood test as part of the clinical trial.


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