New video showcases Silver Santé Study work and team

An exciting new video has been produced showcasing the Silver Santé Study’s work and research team.

The 3-minute long film – which features Project Coordinator Dr Gaël Chételat, some of our senior researchers, and Sujata Ray of Age UK – highlights the impact of poor mental health in later life and the difference that the Silver Santé Study aims to make to the lives of individuals as well as to Society as a whole.

Charlotte Reid, who managed production of the video on behalf of project partner Minerva Communications, said: “As an EU-funded project, it’s important that we keep EU citizens informed about our work and this short film is an easy and accessible way for people to find out what our project is about and how they personally may benefit from what is learned.”

“As well as posting the video on our website via YouTube, we will also be sharing it on social media so please help us spread the word by ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ it as much as possible.”


To watch the video visit our YouTube Channel and to keep up to date with the latest on the Silver Santé Study sign up to our e-newsletter.

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