Memory clinic patient trials due to begin in March

Memory clinic patient trials due to begin in March

Partners from three European countries will meet with colleagues at University College London (UCL) in January to finalise plans for the start of a clinical trial involving patients with subjective cognitive decline.

This multi-centre trial – which will take place in Germany, Spain, France and the UK – will assess the effects of an 8-week mindfulness course and of an 8-week health education programme on patients recruited from memory clinics.

The protocol that describes the details of the study has been written and approved by the necessary scientific committees, and the team – led by Dr Natalie Marchant, of University College London (UCL) – is awaiting ethical approval in each participating country. The trial is due to start simultaneously in each of the four countries in March 2017.

Dr Natalie Marchant (left), coordinator of Study 1 with Debbie Horney (right), manager of the clinical trial, both of University College London (UCL).

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